To offer practical encouragement, tools, training and support in the God-given need and desire to develop a personal, consistent and life-changing quiet time.  The essence of the Christian life is not what we do for the Lord.  It is a personal, interactive, ongoing, intimate relationship with the living God who loves us.  You cannot have a relationship with someone you do not spend quality time with.  You just cannot.  This I believe is central and key to literally everything in the Christian life.  

Leadership - To encourage women who have a stirring in their heart to serve, offering resources, training and inspiration.

To minister to women - I believe some are a primary target slated for destruction by the wicked one.  This would be a key victory as it has been said:

As goes the woman

So goes the home

So goes the society

As goes the society

So goes the country

As goes the country

So goes the world

When women see their life has purpose and meaning beyond their own little desire, personal comfort or happiness, their lives can be used for great good, but when a woman yields to the destructive forces of temptation, the lies of what she thinks she is entitled to have - As Eve, she falls - She takes many with her.

Therefore, it is my passionate pursuit as a woman and as a child of God to choose to see:

The Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Knowing, in Him and from Him come the real fulfillment of my heart.  My desire is to personally abide in Jesus and yield to make room for Him to fully and completely abide in me.  There is no second cause.

To urge women to be wise, godly women, "In the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."